Jordeson Timber - History

TP Jordeson & Co Ltd is one of the oldest and most respected names in the timber sector.
Importing and distributing softwood timber to the UK and Ireland since 1835.

  • 1835 - A Beginning

    Thomas P Jordeson was born in 1806 and grew up in Northumberland. By his early twenties he was already the owner and master of the sailing vessel 'Jordeson', specialising in the carriage of logs and timber from the Baltic ports. In 1835 Thomas established the timber import business T. P. Jordeson & Co Ltd.

  • 1842 - 1908

    In 1842 the company was granted full licence and authority to act as agents for transacting business at the customs house of London. The company, which was now expanding across Europe, proved to be extremely successful. In 1857 Thomas, after making an extended tour of Russia, returned with further excellent connections. There was increased output of timber exports from Sweden in the early 1900s, allowing for even further growth. Many significant supplier relations were established at this time. Some of which remain to this day!

  • 1909 - 1918

    In 1909 a branch office was opened in Russia. During this period, there was considerable labour unrest. The Russian Revolution saw the Bolsheviks seize power and, in October 1917, the company's assets were expropriated by the new regime. Despite these heavy losses, the UK business survived.

  • 1919 - 1938

    After the end of the First World War the company continued again to expand, sometimes by experimenting with new methods of transporting timber. In one such experiment, an enormous raft, carrying 5,800 cubic metres of sawn timber, was constructed and floated across the North Sea from Trondheim, Norway to Ipswich, UK. It was hauled by a steam tug and the intention was to reduce tranport costs. It arrived at its destination nineteen days later having lost only 5 pieces en route - a success! Although, to the best of our knowledge, this has not been attempted since.

  • 1939 - 1964

    The company survived the rigours of the second world war and remained active in 1945. In November 1953, importers finally regained complete freedom to buy and sell again in the open market. Again the company began to expand its operations and timber volumes increased.

  • 1965 - 2010

    In 1965, the company relocated from the City of London, having been at the same address on Fenchurch Street for the past 130 years. The new offices were based in Ross-on-Wye and remained there for 45 years. The timber industry changed markedly throughout this period, and TP Jordeson & Co Ltd slowly evolved to meet the needs of an ever changing marketplace. Moving from a traditional 'del credere' agency business to a modern import and distribution business.

  • 2011 - Present

    Following a management buyout by the existing directors in 2011, the company moved its head office to York. Now known simply by our trading name, Jordeson Timber, the company has built on its longstanding successful reputation with suppliers and customers alike. Jordeson Timber is now one of the fastest expanding timber importers in the UK, responsible for the import of over 200,000 m3 of softwood timber every year. To this day, Jordeson Timber's title and status remains unchanged, being a well financed, independent, flexible and privately owned company.