Jordeson Timber - Super Yellow BS5534 Roofing Batten

Super YellowTM BS5534 Roofing Batten

Jordeson Timber offers a permanent landed stock of fully-graded, thrid-party-accredited Super YellowTM BS5534 Roofing Battens. According to NHBC standards, battens used for roofing must be factory graded to BS5534 and individually stamped. The NFRC also strongly recommends that all BS5534 battens should be third party accredited to ensure that the best quality battens are consistently available at the point of use. Our TFT Diamond Mark accredited Super YellowTM BS5534 Roofing Battens give you the reassurance that you have this covered.

Super YellowTM BS5534 Roofing Battens are low pressure treated to Use Class 2. The treatment process includes additional dye to leave the timber permanently marked with a distinctive yellow colour, making our Super YellowTM battens instantly distinguishable from traditional 'Type A' or 'Green' batten.

We supply roofing merchants nationwide via our terminal in Rochester. Excellent transport links and fast turnaround times ensure we offer industry leading levels of service to our customerbase.

  • Super Yellow Treated
  • Full / part loads delivered nationwide
  • Delivery within 48 hrs of order
  • Port of Rochester
  • 3rd Party Accredited

Timber Details

  • Sawmill: Eriwood
  • Grade: BS5534:2014
  • Kiln: Kiln Dried / HT56°/30 / ISPM15
  • Machining: Regularised
  • CoC: 100% PEFC Certified
  • Timber Origin: Sweden WPPA
  • Pack Size: Half Size Packs
  • Treatment: Super Yellow Low Pressure UC2 (BS8417)
  • Accreditation: TFT Diamond Mark Certified
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Low Pressure UC2 Yellow Treated | Kiln Dried HT56/30 | Half Packs | Swedish | 100% PEFC Certified

TFT Diamond Mark Accredited


Nominal Pieces 3.0 3.3 3.6 3.9 4.2 4.5 4.8 5.1 5.4
25 X 3 600
25 X 5 440

Please Note

You can buy BS5534 Super Yellow Roofing Batten as part of a mixed (full or half) load made up of our standard stock items held at the port of Rochester:

  • C24 Carcassing (Treated / Untreated)
  • Economy Carcassing
  • C16 CLS
  • Type A Battens
  • BS5534 Roofing Battens
  • Redwood Decking
  • Sleepers

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