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Banded Scaffold Boards

Jordeson Timber offers a permanent landed stock of high quality imported Banded Scaffold Boards. Graded to comply with BS2482:2009, the boards are produced from German Unseasoned Whitewood. The boards are mechanically graded at the sawmill and thirdparty accredited by CATG, one of the UK’s leading timber and construction certification and notification bodies. All Jordeson Timber Banded Scaffold Boards are 100% PEFC certified.

Each board is finished with fully nailed, galvanised steel, end bands. In accordance with BS2482 regulations, the following information is detailed on each band:

  • British Stadard BS2482:2009
  • The letter 'M' denoting mechanical grading
  • The support span - 1.2m
  • The manufacturers ID mark
  • The third party certification body - CATG

Maintenance and Safety

Scaffold boards are produced from a natural product, so will require maintenance. Our suppliers mechanically grade each board against the below defects, but it is important to check for the following prior to using any scaffold board products;

  • Cracks, knots, split, slope of grain
  • Rate of growth
  • Wane
  • Decay and/or insect attack
  • Dimensional variance


  • Grade: BS2482:2009
  • Support Span: 1.2m
  • Machining: None
  • CoC: 100% PEFC Certified
  • Timber Origin: European Whitewood / Spruce / Picea Abies
  • Grading: Mechanical
  • Accreditation: CATG

Banded Scaffold BoardsImmingham

BS2482:2009 | Whitewood | Unseasoned | Full Packs | German | 100% PEFC Certified


Nominal Pieces 2.4 3.0 3.9 4.8
38 X 225 100

Please Note

You can buy BS2482 Banded Scaffold Boards as part of a mixed (full or half) load made up of our standard stock items held at the port of Hull:

  • C16 CLS (Treated / Untreated)
  • Sleepers

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